Posted on Nov 27, 2018

wonthaggi lawn mowing service

hey folks I had to upgarde the system so now we have a new membership and a new main number as i upgraded my system to make things easier for us you can see more at
or you can visit the new bass coast gardening site phew its took some fast work to put all this together for us and long fewe nights
anyway folks if you want to contact us now the phone is main line:56114708 and if you want to contact me on mobile if i hear it 0474053456 as you know i use noisy machinery and i wear ear muffs and the vibration from the machine sort of muffles out the vibratio from the phone and i misss calls please leave a message so I can get back to it could take up to 24 hrs response depending when i retieve the messages
you can contact us vis email at